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Science Brew in brief

Science Brew is a brand new DTU Spin-out brewery and food tech laboratory.

We work with a unique internationally patented technology in close collaboration with DTU Foods and we aim to be the center for science, innovation, product- and business development and a showcase for new technologies and news in the field of food and fermentation.

Science Brew is also Denmarks newest brewery, founded by people who thinks circular in regards to resources, production and economy.

We focus on sustainability, efficient resource use and recycling of all elements in all stages of production.

Thus, Science Brew is based on a fundamental understanding of the importance of further developing the potential for circular economics food production and in society in general.

We do not accept free rides buying CO2 quotas. We believe in a true circular approach to energy and resource consumption, both in production and distribution.

Science Brew: progress served chilled

Gohan Biiru - brewed for Sticks'n'Sushi

Science Brew proudly present: Gohan Biiru!

A circular beer based on surplus cooked rice from the Danish restaurant group Sticks’n’Sushi’s kitchen. Gohan Biiru is developed in coorporation between Science Brew, Sticks'n'Sushi and DTU Food.

Gohan Biiru: Beer on table in Sticks’n’Sushi

With Gohan Biiru (Japanese for “rice/meal” + “beer”) we have succeeded in combining the upscaling of a surplus ingredient into a new main ingredient with a fabulous taste: Gohan Biiru is brewed using our patented filtration technology, with Pilsen and Munich (Type 2) malt, light hops (three types) and 20% cooked sushi rice. This gives a soft, full-bodied and rounded taste with high drinkability for its 4.5% - and the Gohan Biiru fits perfectly into Sticks'n'Sushi's Japanese fusion cuisine.

Discover Gohan Biiru at Sticks’n’Sushi in Lyngby

Science Brew: dark matter

Great in taste and rich in flavour packed with notes from chocolate, quality coffee and new zealand Motueka hops. Dark matter is the beer you want to share with your best buddy on a cold winter's day. On the planet of your choice.

Science Brew: ale

Bachelor's ale is a Classic beer based on American ale yeast and German hops. This is the beer you deserve after really hard work – or perhaps you are just really thirsty and feel like a treat.

Science Brew: xmas

Rich in taste with a body full of chocolate and coffee notes and delicately bitter Motueka hops. In short, it's the beer you want Santa to bring. Or – to give to your best friend.

Science Brew: gohan biiru

The world’s first circular beer brewed with surplus rice from the Sticks’n’Sushi restaurant group, Gohan Biiru is made using our patented filtration technology to ensure a smooth, rich taste and high drinkability.

Served exclusively at Sticks’n’Sushi Lyngby

Science Brew: easter brew

Our new E=G2 Easter brew is brewed on three malts and three varieties of hops, optimising both gravitational force and drinkability. Perfect for a warm sunny spring afternoon and on the Easter table.

Available at Polyteknisk Boghandel.

Science Brew: progress served chilled

Man has brewed beer for more than 6,000 years. It started out as a personal discipline with its own raw materials, developed from controlled coincidences and from nature's own breeding. And the word resource consumption was not yet invented.

Over the years, beer brewing has been refined for both an art and an industrial production method, and beer is today enjoyed by over one billion globally.

But – the art of brewing costs:

Today, beer production globally has a large impact on the world's energy and resource consumption and operates with often outdated and energy- and resource inefficient methods. It is our goal to change this through innovation with a strong focus on circular thinking, energy consumption and clever use of resources.

Science Brew Team:

  • Laurits Holm Hoppe
    Founder & CFO
    Finance, strategy and business development
    MSc. Pol., GDBA
  • Preben Bøje Hansen
    Founder & CEO
    Brewmaster, Innovation and technology development
  • Sten Jauer
    Founder & CCO
    Brand, design and comms.
    Strategist, Industrial & Graphic designer MDd MDS
  • Tino Rabe Tønnesen
    Founder & CVO
    Vice-brewmaster, Innovation and Business Development
    MSc. Techn. Soc.

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    Bygning 222
    2800 Lyngby
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